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Over 11,000 vehicle movements in the UK every year Welcome to Cargoes, With more than 20 years’ experience in the trade plate logistics industry, we are the premium option for all of your logistics requirements.

Our Goodness What Makes Us Special

Collection and Delivery

Collection and Delivery From Ferrari to Fiat, Lambourghini to Lada, we will deliver the same service on time every time

20 Years Experience Delivering

20 Years Experience Delivering prestige cars throughout the UK and Ireland

Innovative Technology

We invest heavily in modern technology and have created an infrastructure which offers an efficient and reliable service to our clients.


Years Of Experience

Satisfied Clients

Drivers based in the UK and Ireland

movements per year

Face Behind Cargoes Our Team

Marc Walker

Managing Director

Bex Walker

Company Secretary

Andy Dufty


Chelsea Shellard


Loraine Utton


Yvonne Burnett


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We are always looking for experienced drivers to add to our team

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